Turn customer transactions into smarter connected experiences

If you want your customers to love you, then you have to keep the shopping journey simple. Fast service. Personalised approach. Data security. Easy checkout. No matter where consumers are or how they like to pay. And you can only meet these expectations if you offer one blended experience across every shopping channel

Payment can be the single biggest frustration for customers wanting to shop in certain ways and places. Only retailers with fully integrated payments will be able to deliver a true omnichannel experience. That means being able to seamlessly connect your online, in-store, mobile, social and call services – and offer the latest and most popular payment methods across channels and devices.

That’s why Worldpay from FIS works harder to help you develop your omnichannel offering in the right way. With a true omnichannel payments platform from the global experts, you can deliver fully integrated, engaging and personalised shopper experiences. That’s the knowledge to help you move with the customer, the agility to add new payment methods in new markets, and innovative technologies that integrate with your legacy systems.

For an experience like no other

With clear communications between payment channels, you can synchronise transaction data, simplify reporting, track business performance and fulfil customer expectations. Worldpay’s omnichannel payments platform integrates your systems and processes to unify your sales channels, so shoppers get the journey they want with no bumps or gaps along the way.


Connected channels

Store credentials, track cross-channel referenced refunds and create omnichannel tokens without needing to store PNA/card numbers.


Single global integration

One connection across markets, schemes, payment methods and platforms.


Integrated POS system

Countertop or fixed PIN Entry Devices (PEDs) for automatic processing and detailed real-time reporting, certified for P2PE version 2.


Payment acceptance

The latest and most popular payment methods, including eWallets and APM mobile wallets.


Unified payments view

Consolidated data reporting and actionable insights, as well as billing and settlement.