A New Era for Financial Services

The world you operate in is complex. We can help keep things simple. Through a single integration, you can open up payment acceptance in 146 countries and disbursements in 155+ domestic markets. We provide an end-to-end solution to improve customer experience in the financial services buying process.

Keeping up starts with getting your payments right. 37% of financial services customers would leave the buying process if they can’t use their preferred payment method. With more than 300 payment methods in 126 currencies, including local payment options and mobile wallets, we can help you tailor your payments to suit your customer needs.

You make money work for your clients – we’ll sort out the payments.

Make Your Financial Services Work Smarter

  • WHAT


    The online financial services market is rapidly digitizing. Legacy services are being replaced with alternatives that are convenient, easily accessible and customer centric.

    Financial services are heavily investing in customer experience, bringing the market in line with the steep user expectations of e-commerce, sharing economy platforms and other innovative service providers.

    Offering a frictionless payment experience with more options can lead to benefits for your top and bottom line and can help you save on customer acquisition costs.

    We offer a market-leading automated payments experience, supporting swift pay-outs through simple APIs and offering a scalable and secure payment gateway for seamless payment collection.

    Get paid and pay fast   
  • WHY


    You need a trusted, time-tested partner who understands your sector, the unique challenges that you face and opportunities at stake.

    We are the #1 global acquirer and a fintech payment leader. We process $1.5tn in transaction volumes annually, and over 40bn payments.

    Trust powers the financial services market. When managing your clients’ money, reassurance that transactions and data are safe and secure is paramount to keeping and winning customers.

    At Worldpay from FIS®, we protect your customers’ transactions and help make their money work harder.

    Build confidence through your payments provider.   
  • HOW


    Digital payment innovations have been fast-tracked, and the financial services market needs a forward-thinking payments partner who can accept payments securely, onboard easily and mitigate against risk.

    We are integrated with the systems you use and will provide the technical support needed to help you keep up with the pace of change, wherever innovations go next.

    Stay on top of the rapid advancements and market trends in the financial services industry.

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