Worldpay + Forrester’s Global Payment Risk Webinar

Payment risks are changing, are you sure you're protected?

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About the Webinar

Among the many complexities and challenges of 2020 for merchants was a rise in rates of e-commerce fraud and chargebacks. Worldpay from FIS teamed up with Forrester to survey global merchants. We explored the biggest payment challenges merchants faced in 2020, and how they’re mitigating those risks in 2021.

Join Worldpay from FIS and Forrester for a deep dive into the results of our survey:

  • How merchants are fighting fraud and mitigating chargebacks
  • Today’s fraud landscape and the challenges other merchants are facing
  • Future opportunities to balance CX while maximizing your revenue

Meet the Speakers


Meng Liu

Analyst, Forrester

Meng is an analyst at Forrester Research focusing on payment, banking and financial risk management research. As a seasoned speaker and author, he frequently provides consultancy to more than 30 global leading financial institutions including payment companies.


Jeremy Bellino

Senior Fraud and Authentication Manager, Worldpay from FIS

As a veteran fintech consultant, Jeremy has been hyper-focused for the last two years helping customers impacted by the PSD2 regulation and providing the means to optimize both merchant and consumer experience.


Justin Moore

Fraud and Chargeback Manager

Being a Fraud and Chargeback Manager, Justin loves to help meet clients’ needs with his knowledge and data-driven strategic approach. He works closely with development teams, operational leaders and partners to drive the best solutions.


Moderator - Sunny Thakkar

Senior Payments Fraud Manager, Worldpay from FIS

With over 10 years of experience managing technology-related products and projects, Sunny has managed payments fraud products for both issuers and merchants and currently manages payments fraud products for Wordpay from FIS in North America.